SCFL 12.2.2017: Four Men Enter, One Man Wins

Results, SCFL Pro

Tonight, live on SCFL’s Twitch stream at 1am eastern/10pm pacific SCFL presents SCFL 12.2.2017: Four Men Enter, One Man Wins, headlined by a a fatal four-way match between Boxing Bianchi, Algorithm Schneider, Ratt Middle and Alex Thompson. Last night in an impromptu tournament we saw Offers Thompson defeat Alex Thompson after a grueling night of competition, able to capture the SCFL World Television Championship and keep the killer at bay.

But tonight is a different story. This is one match, first fall wins, with four of the toughest men in SCFL vying to challenge SCFL World Champion Ichabod Adams.

Also featured is a Hardcore Championship bout between champion, Xylophonist Bianchi, and challenger, Wiggwam Watanabe, plus tag team action and a whole lot more. Tune in.

1. Singles Match:Gary Bollea (15:00 – Axe Bomber->Leg Drop) Fun Adams
2. Tag Team Match: Until Robert/Both Ferrari(O) (32:12 – Rollup) Puncho/Ricky Robinson(X)
3. Singles Match: Eosinophil Rossi (16:35 – Shooting Star Press) Rastaban Baptiste
4. Hardcore Match: Charles DuBois (14:26 – Swinging Neckbreaker) Baby Hayes
5. SCFL World .TV Championship Match: Offers Thompson(C) (15:00 – Draw) Zoroastriani Brown
6. Hardcore Tag Team: Blowhole(O)/Justice (34.50 – Lariat) Maniac/Maximo Missouri(X)
7. Triple Threat Match: Meete Mein (16:38 – Ganso Bomb) Choochai, Garden Greene
8. Hardcore Title: Wiggwam Watanabe (11:16 – Low Blow) Xylophonist Bianchi(C)
9. Trios: Philly/Cheesesteak/Gyro (15:00 – Draw) Jacques/Miles/King
10. Tag Team: Ito/Esposito(O) (29:15 – Springboard Elbow->KO) Fortran(X)/Tapas
11. Singles Match: Chuckie Murphy (25:14 – Brazilian Kick) Discussion Davis
12. World Title Qualification Finals: Boxing (10:58 – Left Hand) Middle, Schneider, Thompson

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