SCFL New Year’s Tag Scramble Tournament

Results, SCFL Pro

Just in time for New Year’s, SCFL brings you the SCFL New Year’s Tag Scramble Tournament, with the winners being crowned the number one contenders for the SCFL Tag Championship, held by Federal Bell and Piotr Petrov.

Tag Tournament: Justice(O)/Blowhole (29:46 – Right Hand) Zoning Zhang(X)/Weather Walker
Tag Tournament: Cheesest/Sanders Suzuki(O) (27:45 – Delfin DDT) Especially Esposito(X)/Immediately Ito
Tag Tournament: Ratt Middle(O)/Gorvis Rodgers (23:18 – The Ole’ 1-2) Captain White(X)/Algorithm Schneider
Tag Tournament: Tapas Tiempo/Fortran COBOL(O) (13:29 – Small Package) Discussion Davis(X)/Philly Supreme
Tag Tournament Round Two: Justice Turner(O)/Blowhole Bernard (9:26 – Lariat) Sanders Suzuki(X)/Cheesest Supreme
Tag Tournament Round Two: Ratt Middle/Gorvis Rodgers(O) (11:32 – CAPTURE – Critical) Tapas Tiempo/Fortran COBOL(X)
Tag Tournament Finals: Ratt Middle(O)/Gorvis Rodgers (25:58 – Collar Choke) Blowhole Bernard(X)/Justice Turner
Dot TV Championship Cage: Eosinophil Rossi (10:59 – Escape) Spencer Morgan(C)
Hardcore Tag Championship Exploding Deathmatch: Maximo Missouri/Maniac Missouri (10:59 – KO) Chuckie Murphy(X)/Meete Mein(C)