SCFL Pro 1.6.2018: Gyro vs. Bike – The Rematch

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On Saturday, January 6th at 10:30pm Pacific/1:30am eastern SCFL Pro is LIVE with the second show of the New Year, featuring a #1 contender’s bout between Bike Bianchi and Gyro Supreme, a rematch from an earlier bout that ended mired in controversy.

We’ll be live on

1. Scramble Championship: Front Reed (11:04 – Elimination) Weather Walker(C) vs. Esonophil/Fun Adams/Torvald/Aladdin/Freddy Fischer/Fortran
2. Tag Team Bout:  Gene Greene(O)/Charles Dubois (16:40 – Football tackle) Philly Davis (Philly Supreme/Discussion Davis(X))
3. Singles Bout: Bradford Culpepper (13:25 – CRITICAL) Kelly Kelley
4. Trios Bout: Ratt Middle(O)/Gorvis Rodgers/Rastaban Baptiste (19:00 – head and arm choke) Boxing Bianchi/Immediately Ito(X)/Especially Esposito
5. Exploding Ring Hardcore Contender Bout: Zoning Zhang (13:50 – Victory Roll) Fragrant Tanaka
6. Singles Bout: Computer Collins (11:14 – Running DDT) Karate Hendrix
7. Hardcore Tag Championship Contender Bout: Until Robert/Both Ferrari(O) (20:39 – Surfboard Stretch) Miles Manhoef/Jacques Jean-Jacques(X)
8. Dot TV Championship: Nightsbane Kvlt (11:53 – Burning Cross) Eosinophil Rossi(C)
9. Gruesome Championship: Magomed Ashmanov(C) (R1 – 4:03 – CRITICAL) Chuckie Murphy
10. S-1 Championship: Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym (R3 – 2:51 – TKO) Raoul Hernandez(C)
11. Grudge Match: Piotr Petrov (17:10 – Flying Knee) Xylophonist Bianchi
12. Grudge Match: Federal Bell (14:38 – Toyota Roll) Let Liu
13. Contender Bout: Gyro Supreme (12:00 – No Contest) Bike Bianchi