SCFL 1.13.18: Funeral For a Mustache, Bike Lies Bleeding

Results, SCFL Pro

Bike Bianchi’s mustache has been shaven off by the SCFL World Champion Ichabod Adams.

This week, his family looks for revenge, while the Trios Championship is on the line in the co-main event and an S-1 tournament decides a new contender for newly-crowned Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym. We’ll be LIVE on Twitch at 1:30am eastern/10:30pm pacific at

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Opening Scramble Championship: Eosinophil Rossi (24:12 – Shooting Star Press) Captain White, Front Reed(C), October Schmidt, Gordon Garabaldi, Ricky Robinson, Turgid Delmonico, Baby Hayes
American Wright (9:45 – Welcome to Americana) Garden Greene
Credit Lewis (12:15 – Kick Rush) Kelly Kelley
Raoul Hernandez (12:55 – CRITICAL) Bradford Culpepper
Hardcore Tag Championship: Until Robert(O)/Both Ferrari (11:57 – Style’s Clash) Maximo Missouri(X)/Maniac Missouri
Dot TV Championship: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) (15:00 – Draw) Spencer Morgan
Tag Bout: Tapas Tiempo/Fortran COBOL(O) (22:54 – Double Armbar) Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner(X)
Hardcore Championship: Technology Cooper(C) (15:00 – Double KO) Zoning Zhang
S-1 Contender Tournament: Chuckie Murphy (R4 – 2:55 – TKO) Foundation Russo
S-1 Contender Tournament: Wim Nijman (R5 – Draw) Wigwamm Watanabe
S-1 Finals: Chuckie Murphy (R2 – 2:49 – TKO) Let Liu
Trios Championship: Gyro/Cheesest/Sanders(O) (40:35 – 450 Splash) Ratt/Gorvis/Rastaban(X)
Grudge Match: Ichabod Adams(O)/Piotr Petrov (23:33 – Pepe Driller) Boxing Bianchi/Sledding Bianchi(X)