SCFL Pro 1.20.18: Dead or Alive – 2/3 Falls – Ratt vs. Gyro

Results, SCFL Pro

This Saturday Night, 1/20 in the west, 1/21 in the east, SCFL Pro returns with DEAD OR ALIVE – Ratt vs. Gyro, where fearsome foes Gyro Supreme and Ratt Middle follow up on last week’s stellar Trios Championship bout as well as their Kickboxing World Championship bout with a 2/3 falls bout, where it’ll take perseverance for one man to score not one, but two falls on his opponent. Also being contended will be the S-1 Championship between contender Chuckie Murphy and champion Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym.

Opening Scramble: Eosinophil Rossi(C) (24:05 – Shooting Star Press) Aladdin Bell, Computer Collins, Mike Miller, Kurt King, Brick Roberts, Picaporte, Lil Jonesy
Sanders Suzuki (13:54 – Delfin DDT) Rastaban Baptiste
S-1 Championship: Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym(C) (R1 – 1:28 – CRITICAL!) Chuckie Murphy
Team SUITS (Raoul Hernandez(O)/Spencer Morgan) (28:08 – KO) Maximo/Maniac Missouri(X)
Hardcore Tag Match: Captain White(O)/Algorithm Schneider (12:00 – Black Pearl) Ricky/Puncho(X)
Dot TV Championship: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) (15:00 – Draw) Offers Thompson
Gruesome: Bradford Culpepper (R3 – 3:15 – KO) Kelly Kelley
Torvald(O)/Magomed (23:03 – Spinkick) Philly(X) Davis
Gorvis Rogers (11:30 – Uppercut) Cheesest Supreme
Hardcore Championship Exploding Deathmatch: Technology Cooper(C) (15:00 – Double KO) Zoning Zhang
Tag Contender: Gene Greene(O)/Garden Greene (18:13 – Leg Drop) Fortran COBOL(X)/Tapas Tiempo
Federal Bell (15:55 – Shining Kenka Kick) Masked Cyclist
2/3 Falls: Ratt Middle vs. Gyro Supreme
Fall 1: Gyro (10:48 – Gyrobomb) Ratt Middle
Fall 2: Gyro (8:20 – Uppacuts) Ratt Middle