SCFL Pro 1.21.18: Wim Nijman vs. Computer Collins

Results, SCFL Pro

Surprise! SCFL comes back the next night with what many would call a b-show, but featured a lot of great bouts between some of the top fighters in the league. The usual title defenses were, of course, there and we may have seen some title changes!

Brick Roberts vs. Mike Miller
Fall 1: Mike Miller (27:21 – Wakigatame)
Fall 2: Brick Roberts (11:52 – Body Attack)
Fall 3: Mike Miller (0:33 – Running Splash)
Freddy Fischer (19:18 – Running Fist Drop) October Schmidt
Miles Manhoef/Jacques Jean-Jacques(O) (30:38 – Piledriver) Baby Hayes(X)/Karate Hendrix
Dot TV: Nightsbane Kvlt(C) (15:00 – Draw) Weather Walker
Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner(O) (24:53 – Lariat) Team DSA (Aladdin Bell(X)/America Wright)
Roul Hernandez (15:10 – Driving Knees) Fragrant Tanaka
Deathmatch: Front Reed (20:46 – Thesz Press) Zoroastriani
Computer Collins (16:46 – Jumping DDT) Wim Nijman
Scramble title: Immediately Ito (22:44 – Kneel Kick) Earl Vontrell, Cheesest, Maximo, Offers, Eosonophil(C), Fun, Wigwamm
Gruesome Tournament: Foundation (R2 – 2:36 – KO) Blaster Robinson
Gruesome Tournament: Wiggwamm (R1 – 3:40 – Elbow Spine KO) Turgid Delmonico
Gruesome Tournament Finals: Wigwamm Watanabe (R2 – 3:10 – KO) Foundation Russo
Exploding Deathmatch: Lil Jonesy (13:36 – Rollup) Especially Esposito