SCFL Pro 12.30.2017: The Fixers Strike Back

Results, SCFL Pro

After the insanity that went down at Holiday Havok 2017, Bike Bianchi, the newly-crowned number one contender for Ichabod Adams’ SCFL World Championship, has decided to let his brother get a chance at redemption, albeit strange redemption, by teaming him up with THE FIXERS to take on the Alt-Right.

Additionally, the Hardcore Championship is on the line between the new champion in Technology Cooper and top contender Charles Dubois in one of the most deadly deathmatches to date: The Brick Wall Deathmatch.

We’ll also see a Gruesome tournament, Gruesome and S-1 contenders crowned and Philly Davis have another shot at proving that they can work together as a tag team.

1. Opening Scramble: Weather Walker (17:21 – Olympic Slam) Bradford Culpepper, Rastaban Baptiste(C), October Schmidt/Credit Lewis/Tapas Tiempo/Earl Vontrelle/Eosinophil
2. Gruesome Tournament Semi-Finals: Mike Miller (R2 – 4:13 – KO) Kelly Kelley
3. Gruesome Tournament Semi-Finals: Blaster Robinson (R2 – 2:39 – KO) Front Reed
4. Gruesome Tournament Finals: Blaster Robinson (R1 – 3:33 – KO) Mike Miller
5. Sexual Tension: Ricky Robinson (12:26 – Superkick) Ron Lewis
6. Light Tube Death Match: Zoning Zhang (10:37 – Rolling Elbow) Freddy Fischer
7. Trios: Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner/Baby Hayes(O) (25:51 – Crossbody) Jean-Jacques(X)/Miles Manhoef/Gordon Kuntz
8. Dot TV Championship: Spencer Morgan (12:18 – Bespokensteiner) Fat Jonesy(C)
9. S-1 Contender Bout: Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym (R2 – 3:03 – CRITICAL) Gorvis Rodgers
10. Tag Team Bout: Philly Davis (Philly Supreme(O)/Discussion Davis) (19:30 – Buickbomb) High Seas (Captain White/Algorithm Schneider(X))
11. Gruesome Contender Bout: Chuckie Murphy (R2 – KO) Zoarastriani Brown
12. Brick Wall Deathmatch Hardcore Championship: Technology Cooper(C) (19:38 – Hooking Lariat) Dubois
13. The Fixers Strike Back: The Fixers (Xylophonist Bianchi(O)/Let Liu)/Boxing Bianchi (22:00 – Running Splash) The Alt-Right Connection (Ichabod Adams/Federal Bell(X)/Piotr Petrov)