SCFL Pro 8.5 Results: Patty Acosta Claims Food Place Dominance Over Ichabod Adams


Bradford Culpepper is dead, that much is for certain. That isn’t a good thing, but it’s not entirely a bad thing, either, at least for SCFL Pro’s co-founder Bike Bianchi. Bike is on the run, though, with his involvement in Culpepper’s untimely passing beyond kicking a TV onto his head being unclear. What is clear is that the First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament was won by Patty Acosta and that she’ll now preside over the Food Place.

Over Ichabod Adams in the finals, which is really sort of mind-blowing. She now will run the Food Place in Bradford’s stead, although it’s unclear what kind of cuisine she’ll bring to the local cafeteria, or if it will be in contrast to Culpepper’s macaroni and cheese platters and six-inch sub sandwiches that the boys loved to eat oddly.

Speaking of eating sandwiches weird, Technology Cooper set out to defend his SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship against Choochai TrainMTGym on Sunday evening only to get dragged into a 40-minute-long war with the Thai fighter. The match was an explosive barbed wire match where the fixers — again — made an error and the explosion went off at one minute instead of fifteen. Oops? What followed was a long, grueling match that Cooper was handily winning, but he was so focused on brutalizing his opponent that he failed to put him away.

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You can check out the show in its entirety below.

SCFL Pro Open Scramble ChampionshipSpencer Morgan (14:18 – Elimination) Captain White
SCFL Pro Dot TV ChampionshipKurt King(C) (15:00 – Draw) Wigwamm Watanabe
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament: Patty Acosta (11:29 – PattyDT) Xylophonist Bianchi
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament: Meete Mein (13:07 – Reverse Tombstone) Picaporte Rodriguez
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament: Karate Hendrix (13:45 – Bruce Lee Kick) Fat Jonesy
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament: Ichabod Adams (13:35 – Backspin Kick) Giovanni Dinner
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament Semi-Final: Patty Acosta (15:12 – PattyDT) Meete Mein
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament Semi-Final: Ichabod Adams (12:32 – Pepedriver) Karate Hendrix
First Annual Bradford Culpepper Memorial Tournament Final: Patty Acosta (18:51 – Reverse Elbowdrop) Ichabod Adams
SCFL Pro Shoot ChampionshipBoxing Bianchi(C) (R1 – 1:33 – KO) Chuckie Murphy
Offers Thompson (2:32 – Iron Claw) Raoul Hernandez
SCFL Pro Hardcore ChampionshipChoochai TrainMTGym (39:18 – Choochai Driver) Technology Cooper(C)