SCFL Fire Pro Wrestling World 7.1.18 – The Third Annual Substitute Series

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Greetings wrestling fans from around the globe! This Sunday night, SCFL Pro hosts the third annual Substitute Series, live on at 10:00 PM ET.

The Substitute Series is a single elimination tournament that provides substitute teachers extra work during the summer months. The first two iterations were held under SCFL Kickboxing rules, but this year, pro wrestling rules the roost.

Since the field is set at 12 entrants, this week’s SCFL show will only have the Substitute Series and the contractually obligated Dot TV title defense. Brand new champion Karate Hendrix makes his first defense against the bizarre performance artist, Kurt King.

In the Substitute Series, two-time winner Federal Bell has been granted an automatic bye to the second round, along with three brand new mystery teachers. The opening round will feature such notables as:

Ichabod Adams, history
Xylophonist Bianchi, xylophone instruction
October Schmidt, gym teacher
Bradford Culpepper, lunch teacher
– Torvald Harrellssen, guest lecturer
Kelly Kelley, general studies supply teacher
Freddy Fischer, social studies
Mike Miller, science teacher

Check out on Sunday night at 10 PM ET for the greatest in substitute teacher action.

Substitute Series: Ichabod Adams (16:11 – Back Spin Kick) Torvald Harrallsen
Substitute Series: Bradford Culpepper (20:18 – Backdrop) Xylophonist Bianchi
Substitute Series: October Schmidt (18:49 – 1-2) Kelly Kelley
Substitute Series: “Freddy Fischer” (15:04 – Thesz Press) Mike Miller
Substitute Series R2: Ichabod Adams (12:32 – Pepe Driver) Drea Mountebank
Substitute Series R2: Patty Acosta (26:59 – PattyDT) Bradford Culpepper
Substitute Series R2: Samantha Sugar (19:05 – Sugar Splash) October Schmidt
Substitute Series R2: “Freddy Fischer” (11:15 – Let Liu Hammers) Federal Bell
Semi-Finals: Ichabod Adams (13:45 – Running Stomp) Patty Acosta
Semi-Finals: “Freddy Fischer” (15:04 – Community College Stunner) Samantha Sugar
Finals: “Freddy Fischer” (21:13 – Community College Killer) Ichabod Adams
SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship: Kurt King (10:40 – CRITICAL) Karate Hendrix(C)