March Sadness 4 Is Upon Us

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Hi denizens of Beliribon, Iowa. It is me, your honorable mayor Bike Bianchi, and mom has told me to tell you that it is sadness season, and that you can lay little strips of dry seaweed across your ramen to make it even more yummy.

It has been a tough year for Beliribon. We went into lockdown, and I had to make a lot of hard decisions. We are sad to say there have been two COVID-related deaths in our fine city, and while this means that avoidable deaths were down over 1000% percent this year, wrestling-related deaths were only down 400%, because Maximo Missouri contracted COVID on his way home from the show last year and so we are counting that as a COVID death and a wrestling death. Still, we were pretty safe this year yeah?

As we all know, March Sadness is the most important tournament of the year, with past winners being immortalized forever and now we know their names even if we don’t want to: Karate Hendrix, Spencer Morgan, Sanders Suzuki, and now, ????.

There are two brackets: Vaccinated and unvaccinated. In typical March Sadness fashion, there may be some special guests who visit the Beliribon Wolf Awoo gym and that will be nice. Your evening will be hosted once again by Dave Walsh and Jason Nawara, with friends old and new here to have a yum. Hi.

Oh! And a very special announcement about a special Beliribon band will be made.


  1. CM Chainsaw 
  2. Weather Walker
  3. ???
  4. Fun Adams
  5. Spencer Morgan
  6. Leathers
  7. Philly Supreme
  8. Freddy Fischer
  9. Samantha Sugar
  10. Brick Roberts
  11. Darwin Finch
  12. Blaster Robinson
  13. Maniac Missouri
  14. Offers Thompson (Shadow Realm is pro-vax)
  15. El Hijo de Armadillo Gigante
  16. Bike Bianchi

Not Vaccinated

  1. Xylophonist Bianchi
  2. Mayor Bike Bianchi
  3. Ichabod Adams
  4. Federal Bell 
  5. Gyro Supreme
  7. Front Reed
  8. A Monk
  9. ???
  10. Sanders Suzuki
  11. Big Daddy Denim 
  12. Technology Cooper
  13. Veneno
  14. Jensen Woods
  15. Zoraostriani Brown
  16. Patty Acosta “I just want to wait and see how things shake out”