SCFL Pro 7.8.2018 Results: Miles Manhoef and Discussion Davis Go Sixty

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Some moments transcend the grasp of most mortals, because we are, in fact, mortal and living life in a linear fashion. For a brief moment in time, Miles Manhoef was able to transcend the lineal reality that we all reside in and see everything. The label being bandied about is “The Seer.” What, exactly, he saw is still up for debate. What we do know is that Miles Manhoef, in his transcendence, was able to bring Foundation Russo back from the Shadow Realm.

If Miles is truly able to see and know everything, something compelled him to answer Discussion Davis’s open challenge on Sunday night, even though he knew that Discussion was going to absolutely obliterate his knees. He still challenged even though he knew that he wouldn’t win, instead he’d draw with Discussion in one of the most incredible displays that we’ve seen in SCFL Pro outside of Discussion Davis surviving a BBQ bonanza.

After Miles’s transcendence at the beginning of the show, everyone knew that we were in for something truly remarkable, but what ensued was a passionate, emotional SCFL Pro World Championship match between Discussion Davis and Miles Manhoef. Miles threw everything that he had at Discussion, but Discussion was laser-focused on his recently-drained knees. Of course, the match was not without controversy, as Ichabod Adams made his presence felt, only for “Freddy Fischer” (Let Liu) to barge in and even up the odds for a bit. Still, they fought, they clawed and when it all came down to the wire, Discussion Davis left the ring with the championship.

SCFL Pro Open Scramble ChampionshipWeather Walker (19:06 – Ring Out) Zoarastriani Brown
MMA Match: Wigwamm Watanabe (R2 – 4:15 – KO) Mike Miller
Hardcore: Front Reed (37:39 – Short Arm Lariat) Zoning Zhang
SCFL Pro Dot TV ChampionshipKurt King (C) (15:00 – Draw) Wim Nijman
Credit Lewis (5:30 – KO) Charles Dubois
Hardcore Trios: The Bruisers (Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner/Blaster Robinson(O)) (11:48 – Corbra Hold) The Missouris/Gordon Garabaldi(X)
Patty Acosta (11:31 – Falling Elbow Drop) October Schmidt
SCFL Pro Trios Championship: The Steel Drum Band (Vector Wang) (27:30 – Rollup) Sons of Anger (C) (Gorvis Rodgers)
SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship: LOST Boyz (Until Robert/Both Ferrari(O) (C) (38:25 – Falcon Arrow) The Kelleys (Kelly Kelley(X)/Mickey Kelley)
SCFL Pro World ChampionshipDiscussion Davis (C) (60:00 – Draw) Miles Manhoef