Miles Manhoef Helps Discussion Davis Beat Petrov

SCFL Pro Results: Daddy-Boy Tag Team Dance 6.17.18 – The Kelleys Win Big


When it comes to relationships in SCFL Pro, not many are as valuable as those between a father (or father-like figure) and boy. So on Father’s Day 2018 SCFL Pro did something different in the Daddy-Boy Tag Team Dance tournament. Nobody really knows if it was meant to be an actual dance or not. In fact, there was a dance floor set up in the ring for the tournament, which in turn made each match essentially a parquet floor death match. Whoops.

The Daddy-Boy Tag Team Dance

The Kelley family was able to secure the first (annual?!) SCFL Pro Daddy-Boy Tag Team Dance championship and earn a shot at the tag team champions, who were set to defend later on in the evening. The MVP of the night was undoubtedly Mickey Kelley, who scored a pinfall over Credit Lewis in the opening round, knocked Federal Bell out cold in the second and beat down Gyro Supreme so bad that it left Kelly to knock out Cheesesteak Supreme. All-in-all, it was a brutal tournament.

Who will they face in the future? The Lost Boyz — Until Robert and Both Ferrari — who once again defeated Computer Collins and Foundation Russo, with once again a supernatural happening in the fight, with Foundation Russo disappearing in just under 15 minutes, leaving only an arm behind.

Technology Cooper defended his SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship. Sort of. He threw Puncho Baggins through the barbed wire ropes only for Puncho’s face to get stuck on the way out, ripping off parts of his face. The match continued, but Sledding Bianchi threw up inside of his helmet and was forced to call the match at five minutes so he could change out of his helmet.

The Open Challenge Continues

The main event saw Discussion Davis continue with his open challenge, this time — to no surprise — against yet another member of the Alt-Right in Piotr Petrov. Miles Manhoef’s presence was felt as he ran out and attacked Discussion and Ron Harris, then ran backstage, only to immediately run out and put a beating on Petrov. It was confusing, to say the least, but Manhoef has definitely been making a point here against the Alt-Right, which has to be frustrating to them.

SCFL Pro Open Scramble Championship: Charles Dubois (21:14 – Full Nelson Facebuster) Lil Jonesy
SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship: Wim Nijman(C) (13:28 – Omoplata Crossface) Mike Miller
Father/Son Tag Tournament:
Kelly KelleyMickey Kelley(O) (21:51 – Turbo Drop II) Ron Lewis & Credit Lewis(X)
Federal Bell(O) & Aladdin Bell (10:35 – Peruvian Neck Snap) Sledding Bianchi(X) & Giovanni Dinner
Gyro Supreme & Cheesesteak Supreme(O) (20:59 – Standing SSP) Brick Roberts(X) & Eosinophil Rossi
Maximo Missouri & Maniac Missouri(O) (13:48 – Maniac Driller) Masked Sledder(X) & Masked Cyclist
Semi-Finals: Kelly KelleyMickey Kelley(O) (24:18 – CRITICAL) Federal Bell(X) & Aladdin Bell
Semi-Finals: Gyro Supreme & Cheesesteak Supreme(O) (27:41 – Cheesest Christbomb) Maximo Missouri(X) & Maniac Missouri
Finals: Kelly Kelley(O) & Mickey Kelley (23:38 – CRITICAL) Gyro Supreme & Cheesesteak Supreme(X)
SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship: Technology Cooper © (5:00 – Draw) Puncho Baggins
SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship: LOST Boyz (Until Robert/Both Ferrari(O))(C) (14:41 – Shadow Realm) Computer Collins/Foundation Russo(X)
SCFL Pro World Championship: Discussion Davis © (17:20 – Yakuza Kick) Piotr Petrov