SCFL Pro 12.16.2017: The Road to Holiday Havok

Results, SCFL Pro

SCFL Pro’s biggest event of the holiday season is upon us just days before Christmas and in the week prior, SCFL Pro will be looking to test the mettle of the competitors as well as seeing the Hardcore and Dot TV Championships defended live on Twitch dot TV!

1. Opener Scramble Title: Eosinophil Rossi (20:00) Kurt King (C) vs Aladdin Bell vs Zoroastriani Brown vs Cheesesteak Supreme vs Earl Vontrell
2. Tag Team: Weather Walker/Zoning Zhang(O) (8:54 – Rolling Elbow) Kelly Kelley
3. Singles Match: Bradford Culpepper (13:19 – Pump Kick) Tapas Tiempo
4. Hardcore Match: Fragrant Tanaka (24:15 – Small Package) Turgid Delmonico
5. Tag Team: Captain White(O)/Algorithm Schneider (31:35 – Lightning Speed) Miles Manhoef/Jacques Jean-Jacques(X)
6. Dot TV Title: Offers Thompson (C) (15:00 – Draw) Gene Greene
7. S1: Raoul Hernandez (R1 – TKO) Wim Nijman
8. Singles Match: Bike Bianchi (12:32 – Bianchi Buster) Gyro Supreme
9. Hardcore Title: Wigwamm Watanabe (C) (10:51 – KO) DuBois
10. Triple Threat: Philly Supreme/Discussion Davis(O) (10:00 – KO) Gorvis Rogers
11. Singles Match: Immediately Ito (17:54 – KO) Piotr Petrov
12. Tag Team Match: Boxing Bianchi/Especially Esposito(O) (25:31 – Punch Rush) Ichabod Adams/Federal Bell