SCFL Pro 3.24.19: March Sadness II! One Night. 32 Fighters. One Winner. Sadness.

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SCFL is known for five things: Tournaments, unnecessary violence, being a little too long, and sadness. What is probably the second-most important show of the year (after Mr. Bianchi’s Holiday Bash), March Sadness embodies all of these predominant tenants.

32 human beings. 1 night. 5 wins. 1 U.S. title shot to the winner next week. 1 world title shot to the referee if he can make it through all 30 matches.

(See last year’s results here)

This marathon show is known to make stars and set the path for the year to come. One year ago, it was Miles Manhoef and Karate Hendrix in the finals. Now, they’re both household names. At least Miles is. Karate doesn’t seem to appreciate his lack of legacy.

Here is the unofficial list of participants, in no particular order. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE:

  1. Computer Collins
  2. Fun Adams
  3. Leathers
  4. ???
  5. Pegaso
  6. Karate Hendrix
  7. Garden Greene
  8. Gordon Garabaldi
  9. Ichabod Adams
  10. El Hijo de Armadillo Gigante
  11. Officer Richards
  12. ???
  13. Officer Boon
  14. ???
  15. Patty Acosta
  16. Boxing Bianchi
  17. Bike Bianchi
  18. Zoroastriani Brown
  19. Ron Lewis
  20. Federal Bell
  21. Until Robert
  22. Mariachi Marco
  23. Zoning Zhang
  24. Spencer Morgan
  25. Blowhole Bernard
  26. Maximo Missouri
  27. OFFERS
  29. Freddy Fischer
  30. Nightsbane Kvlt
  31. Aladdin Bell
  32. Choochai TrainMTGym

Who will be the next star? Who will win the most grueling tournament known to Iowa? Who will challenge Technology Cooper next week for his U.S. title, and will Discussion Davis survive to get a title shot?

Wait, is Xylop in China?

SCFL 3/24/19March Sadness II
RD1Computer Collins vs. Fun AdamsCollins53%0:00:34
RD1Federal Bell vs. Ron LewisBell82.00%0:12:23
RD1Mariachi Marco vs. Death WalkerDeathwalker75.00%0:10:01
RD1Leather Flippo vs. Garden GreeneLeather69.00%0:08:52
RD1Until Robert vs. Maximo MissouriMaximo72.00%0:09:50
RD1Ichabod Adams vs. Jensen WoodsAdams78.00%0:14:15
RD1OFFERS vs. Officer BoonBoon86%0:12:58
RD1Zoning Zhang vs. Nightsbane KvltZhang90.00%0:16:19
RD1Zoroastriani Brown vs. Freddy FischerFischer81.00%0:10:06
RD1Karate Hendrix vs. Aladdin BellKarate100.00%0:23:19
RD1El Hijo de Armadillo Gigante vs. NateNate94.00%0:16:00
RD1Cousin Rudy vs. Officer RichardsRichards75.00%0:12:00
RD1Boxing Bianchi vs. Choochai TrainMTGymBoxing77.00%0:13:56
RD1Blowhole Bernard vs. PegasoBlowhole66%0:10:15
RD1Doctor Johnson vs. Gordon GarabaldiGordon79.00%0:15:16
RD1Patty Acosta vs. Spencer MorganMorgan90.00%0:16:30
RD2Collins vs. Fed BellCollins100%0:16:14
RD2Deathwalker vs. LeathersD Walker60%0:03:08
RD2Maximo vs. AdamsAdams87%0:16:02
RD2Zhang vs BoonBoon100%0:17:05
RD2Fischer vs KarateKarate100%0:27:16
RD2Nate vs. RichardsNate100%0:23:49
RD2Blowhole vs. BoxingBoxing69%0:13:01
RD2Gordon vs. MorganMorgan88%0:14:27
RD3collins vs D WalkerCollins100%0:13:32
RD3Adams vs. BoonAdams89%0:13:11
RD3Karate vs NateNate69%0:08:48
RD3Morgan vs. BoxingMorgan100%0:27:08
RD4Collins vs. AdamsAdams89%0:16:42
RD4Nate vs. MorganMorgan84%0:15:18
FINALSAdams vs. MorganMorgan87%0:15:41