SCFL Pro 1.28.18 — The Rumble Somewhere Near Des Moine

Results, SCFL Pro

Last night’s SCFL Pro event was the most-watched event in the league’s history. Period. There has been talk about rumbles going on, some of them perhaps with royal lineages, which pushed league co-founder and commissioner Bike Bianchi to hold a series of rumbles here, tonight, in Beliribbon, Iowa. Introducing, the first, perhaps annual, Rumble Somewhere Near Des Moine. Featured tonight will be the greatest Scramble Championship bout ever, featuring six of the champions, including current champion Eosinophil Rossi, with two over-the-top-rope rumbles earlier in the night to determine who will occupy those two open spaces.

Rumble Qualifier: Baby Hayes (15:05 – Elimination) Brick Roberts vs. Dougie Middle vs. Freddy Fischer vs. Fun Adams vs. Let Liu vs. Mike Miller vs. Ricky
Spencer Morgan (17:36 – Rollup) America Wright
Rumble Qualifier: Zoroastriani Brown (19:08 – Elimination) Ron Lewis vs. Especially Esposito vs. Gordon Garabaldi vs. Vector Wang vs. Xylophonist Bianchi vs. Wat Pyman vs. Earl Vontrell
Exploding Lighttube Deathmatch: Until Robert (18:21 – Rollup) Captain White
Cage Dot TV Title: Dubois (11:00 – Escape) Nightsbane Kvlt(C)
Blaster Robinson/Karate Hendrix(O) (24:06 – CRITICAL) Chuckie Murphy(X)/Meete Mein
Exploding Lighttube Deathmatch: Algorithm Schneider (17:51 – Overhead Kick) Both Ferrari
Gene Greene (15:20 – Football Tackle) Computer Collins
Time Bomb Deathmatch Championship: Alex Thompson(C) (15:00 – Double KO) Zoning Zhang
Scramble Championship RUMBLE SOMEWHERE NEAR DES MOINES: Kurt King (29:51 – Powerbomb) Zoroastriani, Eosinophil Rossi(C) vs. Immediately Ito vs. Front Reed vs. Weather Walker vs. Rastaban Baptiste vs. Baby Hayes