SCFL Pro 4.14.18 — A Few Crappy Dudes Ft. Alt-Right vs. Miles/Jacques, Hardcore Tag Titles and More

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Hello again, Superchat fans! The greatest pro wrestling in the world is back, as Superchat Pro is hitting the airwaves at 1:30 AM ET on Sunday morning over at We are a few short weeks away from our massive 4/28 show, where Every. Title. Is. On. The. Line!

Let’s jump right into the card to figure out what happened last week and what’s going on this week. First up, as usual, the Opening Scramble title is on the line, as new champion, Magomed Ashmonov is looking to bring a little bit of Sharia Law to this frenetic Battle Royal matchup.

Up next, Bradford Culpepper is leaving his post at The Food Place to take on Fat Jonesy. Culpepper injured Lil Jonesy last week, and the largest of the many Jonesies is looking for a sweet dish of revenge.

The generally unassuming Front Reed has gotten a taste for blood after last week’s hardcore match with Eosinophil Rossi. Now, Reed is back in hardcore action as he takes on Algorithm Schneider in a Death Match. The winner of this could be next in line behind Maximo Missouri for Technology Cooper’s Hardcore title.

The Supreme Family is looking like a very dominant tag team, having defended the Tag Titles twice. Chuckie Murphy and Meete Mein want a shot at the gold, but first, they’ll have to get past the LOST Boyz to earn that crack at the Supremes.

Choochai TrainMTGym surprised a lot of people, taking out Offers Thompson last week to win the Dot TV title. Now, the muay thai powerhouse has to make his first defense of the belt, as he takes on Wim Nijman. The Dutch kickboxer impressed us all with a win over the heavy-handed DuBois. While I’m sure both men would prefer some sort of kickboxing ruleset, this is a Dot TV title defense, which means it has to be a pro wrestling match with a fifteen minute time limit.

Freddy Fischer and Offers Thompson are two of the greatest Dot TV champions in the history of Superchat Pro. Now these two veterans of fifteen minute time limit draws will have to be prepared to go a bit longer, as they will be fighting for number one contendership to Spencer Morgan’s U.S. title.

Newcomer Giovanni Dinner has had some success, but a lot of that can be directly attributed to his dear, sweet Mama distracting referee Sledding Bianchi. Giovanni might need all the help he can get, as he’s taking on the always dangerousm Wigwamm Watanabe. Watanabe has injured a lot of people and if Mama Dinner doesn’t want her precious bambino carried out of the ring, Giovanni will need to be on his A-game.

The blood feud between the Supremes and Computer Collins continues to boil. Cheesesteak Supreme and his best friend, Sanders Suzuki are taking on Collins and the man that spiked Suzuki with a suplex knockout las tweek, Foundation Russo, are squaring off. Collins and Russo might want Philly and Gyro’s Tag Titles, I’m sure both men will be more than content with simply hurting the two hapless members of the Supreme Gym and Certified Pre-Own Buick dealership squad.

Last week, in a Trios match pitting Especially Esposito, Immediately Ito and Garden Greene of the Belly Ribbon Fight Camp against Fragrant Tanaka, Karate Hendrix and Blaster Robinson of the PK Gym, things got extremely out of hand. Garden Greene, in a fit of vegan rage, pulled out a knife and swung it wildly at members of the PK Gym, keeping them from re-entering the ring, and awarding Belly Ribbon a win by fear-induced countout. Now, these six men are facing off again, and hopefully all knives will be properly found and confiscated prior to the start of the show.

The devastating elbows and lariats of Tapas Tiempo have wreaked havoc on his former friends in the Sons of Anger. Now, the former jai alai player is looking to snatch the maple-scented puka shell necklace of Gordon Kuntz, SoA’s sole Canadian member. Can Kuntz survive a pounding and pull off a win, or does Tiempo’s reign of terror continue marching towards the head of the Sons, Rastaban Baptiste?

Despite being outnumbered on the outside, Miles Manhoef and the Kneevolution defeated Federal Bell. Now, Bell and his partner, Piotr Petrov, former Tag Team champs, will be taking on Manhoef and his mentor, Jacques Jean-jacques, who lost to Ichabod Adams last week. Speaking of Adams, there is no doubt that he’ll show up ringside to help his Alt-Right pals. Gene Greene will probably be there as well. Unfortunately for Manhoef, with Jacques on the apron, he might be out of allies.

In the main event, Kelly Kelley, after spending some time in lockup for his unprovoked attack on a bus stop, has been released from custody and will be back in action. Kelly is teaming with his enormous son, Mickey, as they defend their Hardcore Tag title, which, lest anyone forget, is a framed photograph of beloved tag team, The Public Enemy. The Kelley Family will be defending that picture against Puncho Baggins and Ricky Robinson, two bizarre deviants.

If you can’t make it to the Beliribbun Civic Auditorium and Porcelain Doll Crematorium, the next best option is to tune in at at 1:30 AM ET for another action packed episode of Superchat Pro, the home of Big Ass Fighting (TM).

Scramble: October Schmidt (17:11 – Elimination) Magomed © vs Brick vs Turgid vs Torvald vs Captain White vs October Schmidt vs Hans Schmidt vs Esonophil

Bradford Culpepper (9:00 – Count Out) Fat Jonesy

Deathmatch: Algorithm Schneider (19:00 – Foot Stunner) Front Reed

LOST Boyz (24:00 – Rollup) Chuckie(X)/Meete

Dot TV Championship: Wim Nijman (14:27 – Flying Knee) Choochai TrainMTGym(C)

US Title Contendership: Fischer (14:52 – Fist Drop) Offers

Giovanni Dinner (19:35 – Spaghett) Wigwamm Watanabe

Computer/Foundation(O) (27:00 – Full Nelson) Sanders Suzuki(X)/Cheesest Supreme

Trios Contendership:  PKG (Blaster(O)/Karate/Fragrant) (21:22 – Splash) Belly Ribbon (Esposito(X)/Ito/Greene)

Tapas Tiempo (36:26 – Torture Racke) Gordon Kuntz

Federal(O)/Petrov (22:19 – Rollup) Jacques(X)/Miles

Hardcore Tag Championship: The Kelley Family(C) (10:49 – Kick Combo) Puncho/Ricky(X)